G-Dragon concert volunteers update

dlee 2017.08.09 19:16

Thanks for your help..!!

5 for backstage (note: they will not be able to watch the concert)-

                                                                                                    James Tan / Taesoo Kim/

                                                                                                     trézanah monga-maccauley   

                                                                                                     Ashley Kirkness  

                                                                                                      CourtneyMaé Ahsin-Moore   


2 for hotel (to buy stuff in advance)- / Si Yeon Kang/Si Ra Kang

2 for IME booth - Hye Jin An/ Kevin Jung

3 for merchandise - Patrica Liu/ Se Yeon Hwang/ Min Jeong Kwon 


3 for soundcheck party wristband distribution- Yuno Park / Kim Esther   

                                                                                     Ji Na Lee

** Backstage - 5people

15th (6am) to 17th (12am)

**Hotel - 2 people 

13th (10am)  

** Spark Arena

16th (8am)

Thanks. !! Any questions please contact Diane Lee 0211032353