Looking for Movie Extra

Diane Lee 2018.08.30 16:31


VMA is looking for some more extra. The movie needs the children over 5 years old with mother, or over 5 year old kids with family. They need real family and more male extra need at the moment. Female is also ok to register.

Registration Day: 1st of September (Saturday),

10:30am-12:30pm by appointment

At: World TV, Unit B, 124 Penrose road, 

Mt Wellington Booking agency : VMA

( Visual Media Agency)

Contact: 0211032353

Thanks for your responses for the movie extra. VMA is working with the production team of movie.

If anyone who registered but hasn’t filled the form completely please contact VMA and give the information as soon as possible. Some file returned from the productions so it made delay to do the job. 

Job description: Film extra work for the movie

Payment: Half day or full day rates featured and non featured, child or adult so between $87.50 - $220 per day per person.( Need IRD number) .

System loading fee : Per extra registering is $45.00+gst= $51.75.

This is a one off charge but once you are registered as a film extra it also earns you are in the database for the normal TV commercial castings which range between $550.00 through to $10,000per commercial, which may only mean one day filming but the commercial has the rights to air on television for up to 12months.

Certain rules: No video or picture taking while in costume & not post any scene on social media. etc..please contact 0211032353