09.07.2012 50th Anniversary Friendship Concert

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The concert to celebrate 50th anniversary of the Korea – New Zealand relationship was hosted by Ministry of Culture Sport and Tourism(Korea), Korean Culture and Information, organized by Art with Future and supported by Embassy of the Republic Korea to NZ, Korea-NZ Cultural Association, and World TV.

• 9th of July at Auckland Town Hall
• 12th of July at The Opera House in Wellington.

Total of 80 people had gathered in NZ from Korea for the concert in July. This includes 70 members of United Korean Orchestra, world class Korean Soprano Park Mi Hye, World famous Korean singer Jang Sa Ik and the Korean traditional instrumental team. In this concert the orchestra played “People of the Sea”. This music was written by Igelese Ete who is a NZ musician and was the choir master for “The Lord of the Ring”. New Zealand’s young musician tenor, Chase Douglas  captured the audience with dynamic voice. Then the special Korean and NZ choir group joined in with the orchestra for the finale.