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Korea - New Zealand Cuntural Association(KNZCA) 한뉴문화원


Established in November, 2009, Korea-New Zealand Cultural Association have been supporting and planning various kinds of  events or projects both in Korea and New Zealand.


We also have some cooperative companies such as World TV & HTV, which are the leading New Zealand culture and media companies.


한뉴문화원은 한국과 뉴질랜드간의 문화적 교류의 디딤돌이 되고자 2009년 11월에 설립되었다. 

이후, 뉴질랜드 최대 다국어 방송국 World TV, 오클랜드 한인 방송국 HTV 등과 함께 각종 문화 이벤트 및 방송 사업을 성공적으로 해 나가고 있다.






    • 4  Diane Lee Co-President
      한뉴문화원 원장


      Over the past few years, Diane has worked on numbers internationally recognized documentaries. 

      In the past she has worked closely with Korean War New Zealand Veterans along with Tony presenting to the world stage how New Zealanders helped build the Korea of today. 

      Diane is NZ correspondent for the Korean newspaper 'Asia News agency' & 'World Korean' in Korea. 

      Diane is also oversea information reporter for 'Mister of Ministry Food and Drug Safety, Republic of Korea'.

      She was a PD and writer for sitcom drama 'Kimchigook is Coming 'for WTV in 2015. 

      Diane is the co-president of Korea-New Zealand Cultural Association helping spread Korean culture to New Zealanders and vice versa. 

    • 3  Tony Keam Co-President
      한뉴문화원 원장



      Tony was a renowned News presenter at Korea's largest TV station KBS.

      After immigrating to New Zealand in 1993. Tony established a Korean radio station 'Radio Korea' which was the first in Korean community. 

      Tony is also the co-founder of World TV, the largest Asian TV station in New Zealand and for the past 16 years. 

      Currently he is the NZ reporter for KBS. CBS and other major Korean TV and Radio station in Korea.

    • 2  Igelese Ete Advisor

      Often referred to as a musical genius, Igelese has participated in a number of well-known projects. In 2009, Igelese was awarded the Creative New Zealand Senior Pacific Artist Award for his contribution to the promotion and performance of Pacific music in New Zealand.

      Igelese was the choirmaster for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, working alongside New Zealand’s pride, Peter Jackson. Igelese is also involved in a number  of international projects.

      Also he was a choral composer for Walt Disney Movie " Moana"' which released on 23rd of November 2016.

    • 1  Joung Myung An Advisor

      원광 디지털 대학교 한국어 문화학과 뉴질랜드 센터 대표

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